Now more than ever, transportation agencies must deliver robust, innovative and inclusive infrastructure that not only offers improved mobility and connectivity, but generates jobs, strengthens communities and minimizes environmental impacts. Vanir can help. With more than 30 years of diverse transportation experience, Vanir has partnered with dozens of federal, state and local agencies to build, modernize and expand cost-effective infrastructure that gets people and goods moving – safely, easily and efficiently.

From major airport and roadway programs to one-off tunnel and port expansion projects, we provide a full-range of transit related services that meet or exceed the needs of our clients and communities. To date, our experienced team of transportation experts has managed more than 100 transportation projects totaling nearly $1 billion in construction value. We have also built strong working relationships with various federal, state and local authorities in the transit space.

When done well, transportation infrastructure projects strengthen community connections, create positive economic impacts and protect human health and the environment. Our goal is to not only help our clients build their projects the right way, but to help them build the right projects for their communities.

Tom Tracy, Senior Executive Director/Transportation Lead


Vanir’s aviation experience began more than two decades ago when we first partnered with the Ontario International Airport and Los Angeles World Airports. Since then, our team has managed more than 20 aviation programs and projects nationwide. Having partnered with both airport owners and operators, we are uniquely qualified to deliver solutions that serve both parties while also modernizing aging infrastructure; minimizing travel interruptions; enhancing the passenger experience; and addressing financial, safety and capacity challenges – all while working in fully operational airport environments.

Our team has experience managing construction for an array of airside and landside projects, including passenger and cargo terminals, airport hangars, airport administrative spaces, central utility plants, parking garages and highway and transit systems to and within airport environments. Whether you’re looking for a partner to help with a small private project or world-class commercial airport program, we have the solutions and teams to meet your organization’s unique needs.

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Vanir’s team was instrumental in providing the necessary leadership throughout the process—establishing a culture of collaboration that brought all stakeholders together to achieve project success.

Roger Johnson, Former Deputy Executive Director, Airport Development Group, Los Angeles World Airports

Highways, Roads, Bridges & Tunnels

From project award through execution, Vanir delivers cutting-edge transportation solutions that reduce congestion, commute times and air and noise pollution; improve design and functionality; and address growing environmental, safety and socioeconomic concerns. Our experience includes more than three decades of industry-leading work on highways, roads, bridges and tunnels. We draw from our team’s extensive expertise to address infrastructure challenges big and small – all while developing and maintaining community and stakeholder support.

We are also committed to utilizing the latest technologies and processes to minimize disruptions; maintain service continuity; and ensure clear communication and coordination between project team members, transit personnel and motorists throughout the project lifecycle. This collaborative, integrated approach allows us to build, renovate and maintain many of the nation’s most used highways, roads, bridges and tunnels while maximizing value for our transportation clients.

Ports & Marine

According to the United Nations, maritime transport is the backbone of global trade and the global economy. Since 1995, Vanir is proud to have managed several port and marine projects nationwide. These projects include everything from waterfront developments and ferry terminals to surge barriers and canal facilities. Having worked with a wide variety of public and private owners, operators and tenants, our award-winning team has a deep understanding of port and marine facilities and operations, wharf design, shipping logistics, cargo trends and worker and tourist safety.

We have worked on a diverse array of projects big and small, ranging from $10 million to $45 million. While our approach changes to meet the unique goals of each client, our promise remains the same – we provide the best people and resources to deliver a high-quality project, on time and within budget, that serves your needs today and into the future.

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It has been a pleasure to work with a team that has the enthusiasm and knowledge to run two projects of this caliber concurrently. Your attention to detail and keeping the Port of Long Beach’s best interest at heart speaks well for Vanir.

David Whitney, Senior Electrical Inspector, Port of Long Beach

Rail & Mass Transit

According to the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, commuters in the U.S. spend approximately 42 hours per year in traffic. That number jumps to 63 hours per year for drivers in our nation’s 15 largest metropolitan areas. For many, public transportation, including commuter trains, light rail transit, subway systems and buses, provides an efficient and affordable alternative. And, as more and more agencies across the nation seek to reduce their carbon footprints through fleet electrification, public transportation is also and eco-friendly solution that minimizes air and noise pollution. It also benefits individuals, communities and the local economy by reducing congestion and commute times, revitalizing city centers, promoting tourism, creating jobs and increasing connections and inclusivity between urban and suburban areas. As experts in delivering rail and mass transit construction projects with each of these attributes, Vanir brings a unique combination of industry-specific services, hand-on experience and local and national expertise. We also know how to work with and around active rail lines and intermodal terminals and yards – ensuring a safe environment for workers, commuters the general public.

Our experience covers metro, rapid transit, freight and heavy haul, light rail, fleet electrification, intermodal transport and more. We look forward to using this experience to help bring your rail or mass transit project to life.

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Throughout the design and construction of our projects, your team has…provided the necessary technical expertise for project management services we have needed, particularly in the areas of scheduling, estimating, constructability review and contractor coordination. This has been invaluable to us as we navigated through the projects. On behalf of the Department of General Services, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to Vanir’s team for your continued commitment, service and hard work on the construction of these significant and challenging projects.

Andre Shamalian, Project Manager, General Services, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority