Santa Monica Palisades Bluffs Stabilization Project

Project overview

Vanir provided construction management and inspection services for a new drainage system installed horizontally in the Palisades Bluffs in Santa Monica, California, running alongside the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH). The PCH is a major artery serving coastal communities north of Santa Monica with approximately 25,000 automobiles using the road daily for both commuting and as a scenic resource. The drainage system provides relief for water collecting in the layered formation of the bluffs.

With the exception of the area for the grout demonstration area, the five work sites were directly adjacent to the travel lanes. Traffic controls allowed for the closure of the lane nearest the work, creating 50-foot long and between 15 and 25-foot wide pads, from which the drilling could be accomplished. Another means of providing separation from traffic and eliminating continual lane closures was the installation of “K-Rail” flush with the curb. This increased the safety of the public. Also, by installing an additional screened fence on top of the barriers, traffic was shielded from the construction— eliminating the distraction and further increasing safety.

Exceeding client expectations

The client established an aggressive timeframe in order to address the constraints of the Caltrans permit. Vanir delivered on all goals in an exemplary fashion. Even with an accelerated schedule, the project delivered two months early with a net savings of approximately $345,000.

Santa Monica, California
Santa Monica Engineering Department, Construction Management Division



Jensen Drilling Company

Construction Cost
$1.4 Million
Completion Date