San Benito Quick Start Road Improvement Plan

Project overview

Vanir is providing construction management and inspection services for San Benito County’s Road Improvement Plan, consisting of road construction, bridge repair and new retaining walls for 12 roads.

Our role includes preparing plans, specs and estimates based on information from core samples provided from the County’s geotechnical engineer. The proposed road rehabilitation method is cold-in-place recycling with an asphalt pavement overlay or full depth reclamation.

The road projects are funded by a variety of sources, including community-approved Measure G, local government enterprise and state-allocated SB-1 funds.

Continuous work for San Benito County

Vanir is proud to provide ongoing services for this client. We recently served as the construction manager for the County’s new design-build, 17,500-square-foot behavioral health center.

San Benito County, California
San Benito County

TRC Engineers


Granite Construction

Granite Rock


Project Size
12 Roads (9.2 Miles)
Construction Cost
$8 Million
Start Date
Completion Date