Justice & Essential Services

When it comes to the justice and essential services sector, safe, secure, dynamic and sustainable facilities are key. Vanir understands just how much is at stake when it comes to delivering state-of-the-art jails, prisons and detention centers; courthouses; and public safety/emergency operations facilities, as well as behavioral health, recovery and psychiatric facilities inside and outside of the correctional system.

With an impressive 38-year track record, Vanir has established itself as a prominent player in the industry, delivering top-tier justice facilities that are secure, sustainable and safe. Our unwavering focus on innovation and cost-effectiveness has made us the preferred choice for justice and essential services clients seeking state-of-the-art solutions. Our team of experts truly sets us apart as we deeply understand our clients’ distinct challenges and work tirelessly to exceed their goals

Tim Hancock, Executive Director of Justice

Jails, Prisons and Detention Facilities

Vanir has managed over 185 adult and juvenile detention facilities, jails and prison projects for more than 50 public and private entities with a combined construction value exceeding $3.7 billion. Our experience ranges from managing 6,000-bed prison projects to conducting in-depth justice analyses and master planning. We also have a successful track record of managing projects on greenfield sites, as well as overseeing phased additions and renovations to operational sites.

Our team has a long history of working with multi-level maximum security prisons and indirect- and direct-supervision local jails. We typically engage at the beginning of a project to help define client needs; assess the condition of existing facilities; develop a master schedule and budget; secure funding; and manage project programming, design and construction. We are, however, also accustomed to being brought in at any stage of a program or project.

Our team of experts possess industry-leading knowledge of the latest trends in detention technology, as well as federal, state and local legislation and how it affects detention facilities and various project requirements. Our experience spans the full spectrum of jail, prison and detention environments, including male, female, juvenile, mental health, substance abuse, healthcare and reentry.

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Vanir’s team…was instrumental in assisting the County with significant savings through programming, alternate jail design exercises and estimate verification during the pre-design phase without reducing building function and quality.

Rebecca Campbell, Former Deputy County Administrative Officer, Kings County


There are thousands of federal, state and tribal courts nationwide that provide a full range of civil, criminal, small claims and appeals services. Within each state, there are also local courts that have been established by cities, counties and other municipalities. While court types and services vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, all courts exist to uphold the Constitution of the United States and administer justice in a fair and impartial manner. Vanir is proud to have supported over 40 courthouse programs and projects, providing clients in three states with more than $2.5 billion in construction value. Our support has taken many forms, including program, project and construction management; owner’s representation and staff augmentation.

Our approach involves early and regular collaboration with owners, judges, court officers, staff, consultants and members of the general public to determine requirements related to:

  • General access
  • ADA compliance
  • Financial hurdles
  • Functionality
  • Technology
  • Wellness
  • Security
  • Sustainability and environmental compliance
  • Emergency operations and disaster recovery
  • Administrative/support functions and spaces
  • Demographics served (current and projected)
  • Caseloads (current and projected)

Our extensive knowledge of correctional operations also allows us to manage the design and build of secure paths between jails and courthouses. We understand how the design, build, accessibility, efficiency, safety and resiliency of court facilities impact the level and quality of services provided by the court and its staff and are ready to serve your unique needs.

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Vanir’s performance was outstanding. Our Commissioners Court truly feels that we would not have achieved the positive cost and schedule results if Vanir had not been representing the County. They always displayed high levels of competency, professionalism and integrity. We have been proud to have Vanir as part of the Gillespie County team and hope we have another opportunity to work with them in the future.

The Honorable Mark Stroeher, Judge, Gillespie County

Public Safety and Emergency Operations Facilities

Public safety and emergency operations facilities must balance safety, security and privacy with accessibility, functionality and resiliency, while enhancing each agency’s ability to protect and serve. These facilities must also enable each agency’s ability to maintain operations during natural and man-made disasters, public health emergencies, severe storms and flooding, blackouts/power outages and other major events. Vanir has partnered with nearly 60 law enforcement, fire and essential services clients since 1983 to deliver successfully executed programs and projects totaling more than $5.4 billion in construction value. Of that number, most have been large-scale facilities that required the integration of communication systems and technologies, collaboration of multi-jurisdictional agencies, utility infrastructure upgrades and complex building systems.

Our extensive list of client types include:

  • Police stations
  • Sheriff’s offices
  • Fire stations
  • Emergency operations center
  • Public safety buildings
  • Communication/dispatch centers
  • Administrative and support buildings

From concept through occupancy, we understand the criticality of public safety and emergency operations projects, the operational differences between municipalities and their organizations and the complex needs of each agency and the communities they serve.

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Fire stations are some of the most unique and complicated structures to construct. With extensive plumbing, electrical and design features, there are many intricacies required for the construction of new, modern fire stations. Because of… Vanir, this project was completed on time and with the utmost quality. This example of professional business construction performance is exemplified by beginning quickly, staying on task with multiple simultaneous operations and resolving challenges quickly resulting in every case with a superior outcome.

Brian Brank, Former Fire Chief, City of Killeen

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