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San Francisco Public Safety Building

Project overview

Vanir, as the senior partner in a joint venture with C M Pros, successfully delivered the new Public Safety Building (PSB) for the City and County of San Francisco. This project was funded by the Earthquake Safety and Emergency Bond passed in 2010 and achieved LEED Gold level certification.

Built to modern seismic standards, the PSB campus houses the City’s Police Department Headquarters, Southern District Police Station and Fire Station 4. The structure also incorporates the historic Fire Station 30 that dates back to 1927; decommissioned for decades, it now functions as a community meeting space and is home to the Arson Task Force. The new PSB enables police leadership to promptly and effectively coordinate public safety services in the event of a major natural disaster, and provide functional resiliency for several days, as needed.

Integral in cost management

Vanir/C M Pros was instrumental in managing cost throughout the construction phase of the PSB project. We assisted in negotiating and providing recommendation to the client for the over 200 change order requests that were submitted. We worked countless hours with the client to develop and execute a thorough review and analysis process that yielded large cost reductions.



LEED Gold Certified | 2016 Western Council of Construction Consumers – Owner’s Project Excellence Award, Notable Project and Sustainability Excellence

San Francisco, California
City and County of San Francisco

HOK/Mark Cavagnero and Associates


Charles Pankow Builders

Square Footage
350,000 SF
Construction Cost
$190 Million
Start Date
Completion Date