California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Reentry Program

Project overview

Vanir served as the program manager for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) $945 million Reentry Program. It consisted of multiple 500-bed Secure Community Reentry Facilities (SCRF) that were designed to securely house existing inmates and parolees, providing intensive education, programming and support services for successful reintegration back into their communities of origin.

In close collaboration with CDCR facility management and security staff, Vanir designed a prototype (215,000 square feet with a cost of $165 million) to be site-adapted at multiple locations throughout the state. As the Bridging Architect for the first SCRF, Vanir also developed complete architectural and engineering drawings and performance criteria for selecting the best-value design-build entity. All design work was generated in a fully integrated BIM model to be used with the initial project and further refined for the remaining projects.

This original Reentry Program was not funded; however, viable options for reducing inmate recidivism are still being explored based on this early work.

Throughout California
California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation

Design-Build Architects: Various


Design-Build Contractors: Various

Square Footage
Multiple 215,000 SF Facilities
Construction Cost
$945 Million
Start Date
Completion Date