Alderwood Water and Wastewater District Picnic Point Wastewater Treatment Facility

Project Overview

Vanir is providing construction management services for the Picnic Point Wastewater Treatment Facility project, which involves expanding the facility to its full secondary treatment design capacity of 6MGD through the replacement of existing membrane cassettes in its membrane bioreactor (MBR) tanks, and implementing MBR units into the two open cells.

In addition to upgrading the MBR units, the project includes new blowers for the MBR scouring air system, vent-piping revisions, and re-installation of power and I&C wiring. As the new Kubota MBR units differ operationally from the original Enviro-quip units, process optimization needs for proper control will be updated.

Plant start-up and commissioning will be performed for each delivery sequence, and challenges will occur through the life of the project. Vanir coordinates all start-up procedures and commissioning steps with the commissioning agents, design engineering team, and operational staff.

Project Challenges

The plant must remain in operation throughout the construction project, which necessitates zero reduction in treatment capacity during the winter months when high flows are expected. This is a critical aspect of the project sequencing and schedule. Close attention to possible project risks, construction progress, and issues that could create delays and risk the availability of sufficient treatment capacity are of paramount importance.


Lynnwood, Washington


Alderwood Water and Wastewater District

Design Team

Engineer: HDR, Inc.


Prospect Construction, Inc.

Construction Cost

$18 million