Water & Wastewater

Water is used for drinking, bathing, cleaning, cooking, agriculture and sanitation — making it our most precious resource and critical for daily life and survival. As such, Vanir is committed to delivering practical, innovative and cost-effective program, project and construction management solutions for water and wastewater capture, treatment, transmission, distribution, recycle and reuse, as well as groundwater management. Our award-winning team has managed over 180 water and wastewater projects for more than 60 clients with a combined construction value exceeding $1 billion. We are proud to say that we have worked on some of the nation’s largest and most complex water and wastewater construction projects, providing the following services:

Our portfolio includes water and wastewater treatment facilities, pipelines, tunnels, shoreline restorations, pump stations and other water and wastewater-related buildings and facilities.

Climate change, resiliency, enhanced treatment, continued demand, reduced supplies and cost impacts all challenge our objectives of providing clean, affordable water to our communities. From these same communities, Vanir brings experienced and qualified resources that get the job done.

Leslie Barrett, Vice President and Executive Director of Water, Energy and Sustainability

Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Clean, accessible water and environmentally-safe wastewater treatment, reclamation and disposal are fundamental to everyday life. At Vanir, we are committed to delivering innovative, sustainable and resilient water and wastewater solutions that benefit our clients and the communities they serve. Our experience includes the evaluation, renovation and expansion of existing, operational water and wastewater treatment facilities, as well as the construction of new water and wastewater treatment plants. To date, we have provided program, project and construction management services for more than 30 water and wastewater treatment facilities across the country with a total capacity of over 1.1 billion gallons per day.

Our water and wastewater treatment facility services include:

  • Demolition and replacement of aging systems
  • Expansion to full secondary treatment systems
  • Pump station replacements and upgrades
  • Process optimization and control updates

Our water collection, treatment and distribution expertise includes:

  • Municipal distribution systems
  • Reverse osmosis treatment
  • Water tank storage
  • And more

Our wastewater collection, treatment and reuse expertise includes:

  • Water reuse and reclamation
  • Gravity and pressure systems
  • Membrane bioreactor treatment
  • Conventional activated sludge process
  • And more

Never losing focus on achieving set goals for cost, schedule, quality and safety, Vanir combines seasoned personnel, specialized expertise and state-of-the-art management information systems to seamlessly integrate construction and plant operations – all while ensuring that your interests are protected at all times.

Featured Projects

…These types of projects are complex, and with today’s bidding climate, contractors can and do look for opportunities to increase their bid amounts. I believe the talent and skillset your team brought to the (CVSP Wastewater Treatment Plant) project, along with their guidance and assistance, enabled the State to produce a successful project. Your efforts are much appreciated.

Joe Flores, Capital Outlay Program Manager, State of California


Vanir specializes in the water and wastewater pipeline market, successfully executing projects from initial concept and design through construction and commissioning. We are recognized as a leader in providing the full spectrum of program, project and construction management services to public agencies big and small. Our project experience includes pipeline installations ranging from 2 to 120 inches in diameter, along with all related appurtenances. Our team also utilizes the latest in utility technologies, including horizontal directional drilling, pipeline rehabilitation and micro-tunneling. To date, we have provided services for more than 120 miles of of water pipeline, dozens of water pumping stations and 14 water storage reservoirs.

Our water and wastewater pipeline services include:

  • Domestic mainline distribution systems
  • Water well piping systems
  • Recycled water conveyances systems

Our approach begins with clearing the path, ensuring that the designer and contractor are able to successfully achieve the owner’s project goals. We do this by being organized, proactive, responsive, decisive and strong communicators. Vanir is built on a culture of teamwork, collaboration, attention to detail and follow-through – elements that are present in everything we do, especially pipeline installations. The Vanir team includes water and wastewater project and construction management professionals with the right experience to serve any pipeline project, big or small.

Featured Projects

Speaking for myself (and I know many others here at the Wastewater Treatment Division), the Brightwater Marine Outfall was a project that was stellar from one end to the other and it will certainly go into my career highlight reel. You folks made a huge contribution to that success and I thank you.

Jeffrey Lundt, Principal Wastewater Engineer, King County