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Construction is an essential driver of our economy. As we recover from COVID-19, the planning, design and construction of healthcare and public facilities, telecommunications networks and infrastructure will enhance our country’s most vital economic activities – creating jobs, contributing to business growth and providing diverse and inclusive systems for our communities.

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Vanir’s experienced team of program, project and construction managers can help your organization alleviate the impacts of COVID-19 by:

  • The economic implications of COVID-19 are vastly different than those of the 2007-08 financial crisis. While shovel-ready projects aren’t the norm, these types of investments play a significant role in the first wave of public spending and are critical to long-term economic recovery. Our understanding of new safety requirements and broader sustainability objectives allows our project managers to support these early investments.

    Vanir has a proven track record of providing facilities assessments; overseeing the subsequent design and implementation of safety and energy upgrades for clients across the country.

    Today, the Vanir team is delivering solutions for infrastructure clients, including a roadway quick start program, accelerating overlays, full depth replacements and other retrofits, providing an increasing pipeline of choices for near-term construction investments.

  • Vanir is working closely with our team members and clients to maintain a safe work environment and mitigate any potential impacts of COVID-19 on construction projects. This work includes reviewing contractor COVID-19-specific safety protocols to allow construction work to be performed under federal, state and local health department guidelines. Vanir is also monitoring the implementation of these protocols, and collaboratively working with the contractors’ safety managers and the clients’ facility administrators to mitigate any related health risks. Vanir is providing guidance in addressing contract terms to specify how safety protocols will be addressed within bids so as to not result in future change orders.

    Vanir teams are also available to perform safety site surveys and manage the subsequent design and implementation of COVID-19 safety-related improvements to mitigate safety risks for your employees as they return to work.

  • Vanir has managed more than $12.7 billion in alternative delivery projects over the past 40 years. As dedicated owner’s representatives, we understand the implications of your project delivery choices. Public agency investments will play a significant role in our economic recovery from COVID-19, and the Vanir team is ready to help your organization sort through these fundamentally important delivery choices. Methods include:

    • CMAR and CMGC – Aligned to traditional AE & GC contract vehicles, facilitating early GC and critical subcontractor engagement in the design process and fostering team collaboration to drive procurement and project delivery
    • Traditional Design-Build (DB) – Initial investments create an opportunity to accelerate your schedule, concurrently enhancing the input of your design and build voices as your solution matures
    • Progressive DB – A twostep contractual enhancement to traditional DB, incentivizing performance aligned to your goals and objectives
    • Public Private Partnerships – Provide lifecycle benefits to projects, blending equity efficiencies with debt risk aversion into an adaptive government framework
  • Federal infrastructure legislation emphasizes streamlined approval processes that; empower local implementation and accelerate projects through alternative project delivery approaches. As recovery legislation progresses fiscal support for the next wave of projects will expand, expanding access to capital from simplified property disposition processes, value capture financing and fee retention. Shovel-ready project implementation benefits are incremental, while the next wave of complex public projects is critical for economic recovery.

    We are available to augment your teams as these dynamic policy expectations, coupled with new funding mechanisms, inform your capital improvement plan. Our project managers understand the dynamic decision-making processes that will allow you to capture additional revenue and actively engage community stakeholders as you entitle future projects.

  • At Vanir, we recognize that the construction industry has been impacted negatively by the COVID-19 pandemic. Mandated government shutdowns, COVID-19 safety constraints and supply chain issues have affected all parties. With potential and alleged delays and cost impacts mounting, we support owners as they seek to be protected from misguided contractor time and monetary compensation on construction projects. This is a critical step as we work with owners to finish essential projects and recalibrate their capital improvement plans for recovery projects.

    Vanir, informed by industry peer groups, is evaluating COVID-19 impacts as Force Majeure events. These contract clauses help to define what impacts will be picked up by which party. They can also vary substantially from one contract to the next. Vanir’s team of construction professionals is ready to assist in the resolution of your COVID-19 claims, as well as assist your teams in schedule recovery and sharing enhanced COVID-19 productivity techniques.

  • Vanir is here to help you navigate through all phases of the FEMA Public Assistance Program, from pre-award activities and grant administration through project closeout. Our team consists of in-house public assistance specialists, project managers, technical support staff and other advisory personnel who are experienced in resolving client issues at the highest levels of FEMA management. This experience stems from our involvement in past federally declared disasters and emergency events, during which we were able to build strong working relationships with FEMA representatives and government officials, aid our clients in their recovery efforts and ensure the integrity of their assets and critical infrastructure.

    We can do the same for you by tailoring our services and teams to meet your organization’s unique COVID-19 recovery needs, providing the highest level of service in the most efficient and cost-effective manner

  • COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of our lives and caused a significant slowdown in public sector capital investments. As we recover physically, emotionally and economically, public agency investments will play a significant role. The Vanir team is already supporting our clients’ tactical responses to health and safety needs within their facilities job sites. We are also working with our legal, financial and technical partners to help augment client teams as they restructure their capital programs.

    Today’s needs, together with COVID-19 recovery funding, necessitate difficult policy decisions.  Our team is ready to support these decisions; analyzing liquidity, exploring additional funding mechanisms, evaluating budget and schedule impacts and facilitating value engineering and constructability reviews. As new or restructured project priorities emerge, we can also support your procurement processes, setting the stage for the acceleration of projects and creating jobs and stability within our communities.

  • Vanir is positioned to assist owners with structuring upcoming contracts that address the impacts of COVID-19. These impacts include enhanced safety protocols, reduced labor efficiencies caused by social distancing requirements and refinement of Force Majeure clauses. By addressing COVID-19 impacts in your upcoming contracts, future claims and/or disputes will be substantially mitigated. Our team is ready to help.

Our full range of services include:

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Vanir is the only Engineering News-Record-rated firm that exclusively provides owner’s services. Our award-winning team has a long history of partnering with experienced grant administrators, claims managers and legal and financial advisors to provide quality services to public agencies. Our team members are actively engaged in today’s recovery efforts, providing support services to clients across the country.

We can do the same for you by tailoring our services and teams to meet your organization’s unique needs, providing the highest level of service in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

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We look forward to assisting your organization during this challenging time.