Construction Management

As a privately-held, full-service construction management firm, Vanir provides effective leadership, innovative solutions, an impeccable attention to detail and a valued partnership you can count on throughout the life of your construction project. With more than four decades of construction management experience, our team has mastered the art of developing and refining construction methods, procedures and techniques to efficiently manage time, quality and cost. As the construction manager of your project, we will take responsibility for all facets of the construction process, including:

  • Budget development and management

  • Change order prevention, management and analysis

  • Claims avoidance and analysis

  • Community engagement and public relations

  • At Vanir, we understand that constructability reviews are key to avoiding disruptions and potentially costly and unnecessary change orders. We approach the constructability review process as a structured review of project plans and specifications, with a focus on buildability, biddability and efficiency.

    Our reviews bring to light problems in the following areas:

    • Reasonableness of the work sequence
    • Comprehensiveness and completion of construction documents
    • Coordination of documents and disciplines
    • Identification of long lead time for material and equipment procurement
    • Site restrictions
    • Adequacy of access due to phasing constraints

    Our clients have recognized significant cost savings and reductions in change order rates, claims and schedule delays through properly conducted constructability reviews.

    During the review task of constructability, we focus on improving:

    • Clarity and completeness of construction drawings and specifications
    • Consistency, applicability, enforceability and comprehensiveness of the general condition (“front-end” documents)
    • Applicability of construction installation technology, methods and materials
    • Consistency between plans and site conditions
    • Identification of project-specific issues, their probable consequences and proposed mitigation recommendations

    Vanir is a leader in program, project and construction management, and our constructability reviews are just one of several ways we bring quality to your project.

  • Contract reviews, negotiations and management

  • Contractor and designer identification, evaluation and procurement

  • It’s no secret that staying within budget is an essential aspect of project success. Yet, nearly 80% of large-scale construction programs and projects come in over budget. For over 40 years, Vanir has provided cost estimating and management services that are unparalleled in accuracy and reliability.

    Starting at the earliest possible point in a project, our in-house team of knowledgeable and experienced cost professionals will:

    • Review the project scope
    • Create a definitive and realistic cost model/plan
    • Develop design phase estimates to help control scope creep
    • Consider lifecycle costs
    • Analyze value and risk
    • Assist with procurement
    • Perform post-contract cost management/final account settlement

    These items serve as the basis for successful cost control and work together to maximize the value of every dollar you spend. Our estimating team, which includes experts from the civil, architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical disciplines, has a deep understanding of current industry costs and how to develop accurate estimates, from early conceptual estimates to detailed quantity-based construction estimates.

    As the project plan is executed, expenses are documented and tracked to ensure things align with all accepted cost management strategies. To date, Vanir has provided cost estimating and management services for more than 700 projects.

  • Dispute resolution

  • From large-scale programs and projects to complex renovations, Vanir has served as the owner’s representative for hundreds of clients nationwide. In this role, we will serve as an extension of your staff, providing guidance, monitoring and reporting on project progress, helping to make critical decisions and looking out for your best interests.

    As the project’s eyes and ears, we bring hands-on experience to the task of completing projects in the most productive and cost-efficient manner possible. With owner’s representation services making up 85% of our public sector business, we know how to improve construction operations and team communication, minimize risk and maximize project success. We achieve this by adding value in the following areas:

    • Needs, conditions and ADA assessments
    • Program/project development
    • Team/vendor identification, selection and management
    • Permitting
    • Community engagement and public relations
    • Budget development and management
    • Value engineering
    • Cost estimating and management
    • Materials and furniture fixtures and equipment procurement
    • Quality control
    • Schedule development and management
    • Programming and planning
    • Design management
    • Sustainability
    • Constructability reviews
    • Construction management
    • Program/project completion, move-in, occupancy and closeout

    Regardless of your project’s scale, requirements or level of complexity, we will work with you to tailor our services and fees to meet your unique needs and save you time and money in the process.

  • Procurement

  • Progress reporting and benchmarking

  • Project scope, schedule and budget verification

  • Regular and thorough inspections to control and assure quality are critical to the successful delivery of construction projects. Vanir provides clients with complete on-site inspection services that focus on quality, safety and compliance. We inspect and document daily work activities, preparing and maintaining daily and weekly reports and logs. Our experienced inspectors will also routinely examine architectural, structural, civil, mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems and document issues until completed with appropriate and required quality.

    Our inspection services include:

    • Contract document review and compliance
    • Daily/weekly site observation and reporting
    • Contractor quality assurance
    • Evaluation and documentation of potential cost overruns
    • Building code/ordinance and zoning regulation compliance
    • OSHA construction safety standard compliance
    • Safety meeting documentation
    • Schedule monitoring
    • Change order review
    • Coordination and observation of utility work by third party agencies
    • Punch list walk-through for substantial completion
    • Final project walk-through for certificate of occupancy
    • Submittal reviews
    • Records maintenance and archiving
    • building information model management

    Our trained, certified professional construction inspectors are proud to work on-site, acting as your eyes and ears to ensure a sound, properly built structure.

  • Good schedule management is a strong reflection of the old adage, “plan the work and then work the plan.” At Vanir, we believe there are five keys elements to successful schedule management:

    • Understanding individual site and operational issues, construction time windows and constraints
    • Developing sequencing strategies that match and support client priorities
    • Actively managing the funding, design, approval and permitting processes prior to the start of construction
    • Collaboration with the general contractor and primary subcontractors
    • Constant, hands-on anticipation and mitigation of potential schedule impediments

    When planning, we incorporate our extensive project sequencing experience to create schedules based on each project’s unique conditions and scope. The schedule is then integrated with projected budgets to develop cashflows that enable appropriate use of funding and avoid cash deficits. Our use of 3D building information modeling (BIM) and scheduling technology further leverages the schedule as a 4D construction management tool.

    When reviewing construction schedules, we verify that the contractor has planned for the complete scope of work and has accounted for all of the contractual and notable constraints and milestones. We provide a detailed analysis of the contractor’s planned phasing, work breakdown structure (WBS) and activities and logic to verify conformance with the contract documents and general constructability of the plan. We then review all changes made to the plan in each subsequent schedule submittal and time impact analysis.

    Our services include:

    • Program planning and scheduling
    • Baseline and monthly progress schedule management
    • Critical path method schedule reviews and updates
    • Earned value management and reporting
    • Time impact analysis and mitigation
    • Change management
    • Risk management
    • Quantity surveying
    • 4/5D modeling (BIM + schedule)
    • Resource and cost loading of schedule
    • Claims mitigation

    Knowledgeable scheduling and proactive schedule management from the initial planning stage through move-in ensures successfully delivered projects. Our team will anticipate challenges, provide proven solutions and work with you to deliver your project on-time and within budget.

  • Staff augmentation

  • Vanir knows the importance of a fully-functioning facility, and that it is essential for all critical systems to be active and reliable on day one of operation. To ensure success, we hold all team members accountable with a detailed closeout plan, and expect all team members – vendors, trade contractors, general contractors, commissioning agents, inspectors, construction managers, A&E, other specialty consultants, facility managers and other owner’s representatives – to deliver on their responsibilities during this important phase of the project. Commissioning the building and ensuring proper start-up of equipment starts during the planning phase, in selecting comparable systems, and is carried through submittals, purchasing, the review of delivered equipment, inspection of installation, proper start-up procedures and commissioning and testing so there are no surprises on opening day.

    Our full range of services includes:

    • Programming
    • Constructability review
    • MEP/BIM coordination and management
    • Submittal management
    • Equipment start-up and testing coordination
    • Coordination of training for facility management personnel and other owner’s representatives
    • Asset tagging and management
    • Coordination of closeout documentation, including as-built drawings and operations and maintenance manuals
    • Commissioning agent
    • Commissioning management
    • Punchlist development and inspection
    • Move-in plan development and coordination
  • At Vanir, we pride ourselves on partnering with clients to achieve their sustainability goals, ensuring delivery of accountable and sustainable projects. Whether it’s strategizing to meet zero net energy goals, performing an energy efficiency assessment or developing a renewable energy project, sustainability experts on the Vanir team are highly qualified and ready to get started. We offer a strong team of LEED Accredited Professionals and Green Associates, Certified Energy Managers, Certified Energy Auditors and commissioning experts. Our customized services start with design support and utility regulations compliance and extend through procurement, contract administration, construction management, commissioning and monitoring.

    Our full range of sustainability services include:

    • Sustainability master planning
    • Sustainability program management
    • Design services/virtual modeling
    • Energy master planning and audits
    • Renewable energy project development and implementation
    • Energy efficiency planning and implementation
    • Water conservation design, management and optimization
    • Vulnerability and risk assessments
    • Commissioning
    • Coordinate grant, incentive and rebate applications
    • Comprehensive understanding of LEED, Envision and Building Energy Efficiency Standards
    • Integrated project delivery

    Vanir is committed to meeting our clients’ goals for sustainability – we lead the charge in ensuring they are met on every project, every time.

  • Our approach to value engineering is simple –  we combine our technical expertise in the architectural and engineering disciplines with practical, hands-on experience to ensure that value is added to every project we touch. At Vanir, we understand that significant cost savings and an increased level of quality can be accomplished on most projects through properly conducted value engineering reviews. Our focus is on meeting the functional requirements of your project at the minimum capital and lifecycle costs to provide the highest value. This adds flexibility to our client’s budget by providing options for lowering costs.

    A typical value engineering session includes:

    • Facilitation of value engineering sessions
    • Identifying needs and definition of function
    • Finding creative solutions to meeting the basic needs or function
    • Developing comparative costs for various alternative solutions
    • Evaluating and ranking various solutions based on project criteria, feasibility of implementation and cost
    • Selecting the optimum solution and recommendation for implementation

    Vanir’s experience in, and approach to, value engineering will ensure that your project is fully reviewed to ensure the most cost-effective design and a successful project.

We will also work with your team to ensure a smooth transition to occupancy, train your facilities and maintenance staffs and assist with post-occupancy evaluations to verify that the building is performing as expected.

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