Yuba County Sheriff Facility

Project overview

As the project and construction manager, Vanir played a key role in delivering the Yuba County Sheriff Facility. This project included renovating and repurposing an existing two-story, 56,000-square-foot building; construction of a single-story, 2,400-square-foot ancillary building; and construction of a 160-foot microwave communication tower. The main building houses the Sheriff Department and serves as a remote facility for Yuba County Water Agency, enhancing the Agency’s service and response time to Marysville and the surrounding foothills.

The new communication tower provides a vital link between the Yuba County Sheriff’s Office dispatch center and several other agencies. Its design improves radio coverage across the county and increases radio communication capabilities for officers in the field. Vanir and the entire project team worked together to build a facility that will greatly contribute to the safety of this community.

Vanir brings forward looking, problem solving, and a proactive management style, and works collaboratively with all project stakeholders to deliver a truly successful project.

– Jerry Read, Project Manager, Yuba County
Marysville, California
Yuba County

Indigo Hammond + Playle Architects


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Square Footage
56,000 SF
Construction Cost
$9.5 Million
Start Date
Completion Date