Valleywise Health “Care Reimagined” Program

Project overview

Valleywise Health set a goal to transform healthcare in the Phoenix area by expanding its facilities, resources and services. Proposition 480 turned that goal into a reality and laid the foundation for the “Care Reimagined” program.

Vanir was selected to provide integrated program management services for the seven-year, $935 million program, which has four main goals:

  • Rebrand Maricopa County Integrated Health System as Valleywise Health
  • Expand healthcare to underserved communities and/or medical deserts
  • Incorporate behavioral health into the medical services care model
  • Replace existing, dated facilities, including the Roosevelt Campus

The program has delivered multiple construction and renovation projects, including:

  • A Comprehensive Health Center: 126,000 square feet in Peoria
  • Four Community Health Centers: 27,000 square feet in South Phoenix/Laveen; 27,000 square feet in North Phoenix; 26,000 square feet in West Maryvale; and 26,000 square feet in Mesa
  • A Behavioral Health Center: 250,000 square feet in Maryvale
  • An in-progress, state-of-the-art Acute Care Hospital: 673,000 square feet in Phoenix (anticipated to open in April 2024)

Care reimagined through innovative solutions

Despite budget challenges, the Vanir team worked diligently to provide innovative, money-saving solutions, such as reusing outdated buildings, connecting facilities and designing an energy-saving central utility plant within the existing warehouse of the Roosevelt Hospital.

Maricopa County, Arizona
Maricopa County Integrated Health System (dba Valleywise Health)




Square Footage
1.1 Million SF
Program Budget
$935 Million
Start Date
Completion Date