Rendering: Taylor Design and Pfau Long Architects

San Mateo Medical Center – Health System Campus

Project overview

Vanir is providing project and construction management services for the County of San Mateo’s Health System Campus project, which encompasses a full city block and involves the demolition of two buildings, renovation to the existing hospital and construction of a new administration building.

The scope of work includes:

  • Demolition of a 1950’s-era administration building and a health services building
  • Renovation of the ground floor of the hospital’s nursing wing and renovation of the central plant to accommodate OSHPD essential services
  • Construction of a non-OSHPD, 86,550-square-foot administration and link building to serve as a connection to the clinics and north addition buildings and to house the health laboratory and morgue; engineering, security and administration departments; and a café

The project includes major changes to the campus layout, including a prominent plaza/drop-off area to improve navigation.

San Mateo, California
County of San Mateo

Taylor Design and Pfau Long Architecture


Truebeck Construction

Square Footage
289,000 SF
Construction Cost
$178 Million
Start Date
Completion Date