San Mateo County Government Center Parking Structure #2

Project overview

Vanir served as the project and construction manager for a new parking structure for San Mateo County. Located within the County’s civic campus, the 1,022-stall parking structure features a metal screen façade to blend the facility with its surroundings and maintain natural ventilation. A parking guidance system uses red and green lights to designate open stalls and signage is used to show parking availability to help employees quickly find a space.

In support of the County’s goals to achieve Net Zero energy, the parking structure includes a 1,350-panel PV system with annual production of around 980,000 kilowatt hours. Additional sustainability features include 61 EV charging stations with infrastructure to accommodate several hundred more, as well as drought-tolerant landscaping. To promote multi-modal transportation, the parking structure includes spaces for bicycles, ridesharing and carpools.

If parking demand decreases in the future, the ground floor was constructed with increased floor-to-floor heights and the structure utilizes an express helix ramp instead of a park on ramp, which preserves the full footprint of the ground floor for alternative use.

Redwood City, California
San Mateo County Project Development Unit

Watry Design



Square Footage
340,750 SF
Construction Cost
$58 Million
Start Date
Completion Date