San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport

Overview of projects

Vanir worked with San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport from 1998-2009 on a multitude of expansion projects. A few representative projects include:

New Passenger Terminal and Parking Structure

Vanir provided pre-construction services for the New Passenger Terminal and Parking Structure, a design-build project consisting of a new 50,000-square-foot terminal building; a 400,000-square-foot airside ramp; and a parking structure able to accommodate 1,000 vehicles.

Eastside Access Roads

We provided construction management services for the replacement of existing site utilities and the installation of an underground electrical and communications infrastructure loop. Airport Drive was widened/repaved; Return Loop Road and Highway Exit Road were constructed; Parking Lot #5 was expanded; and utility stubs for future development were installed.

Aero Drive Realignment

Vanir oversaw construction of the Aero Drive realignment project, which moved the intersection to improve the flow of the current terminal and parking. The site utility work included water, sewer and storm drain, as well as the installation of stubs for future development.

Airport Runway Extension

We provided pre-construction and construction consulting services for the Airport’s Runway Extension, assisting with the coordination of environmental mitigation; with adjacent land owners for soil material purchase; and with controlling and regulatory agencies.

San Luis Obispo, California
San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport




Construction Cost
New Passenger Terminal and Parking Structure: N/A (Pre-Construction Services); Eastside Access Roads: $1.7 Million; Aero Drive Realignment: $1.7 Million; Runway Extension: $1.5 Million
Start Date
Completion Date