San Francisco Unified School District

Program overview

San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) has relied on Vanir as a project and construction manager to support its bond programs for the past 29 years. As of April 2024, our team has worked on 60 projects all delivered on schedule, many of which involved a variety of 100-year old buildings located throughout San Francisco.

Our services go so far as moving entire schools and working nights and weekends to minimize the disruption of classroom activities. We kick off each project by providing design management services — working with architects, engineers, school staff and District stakeholders to focus on developing solid construction documents. With strong communication throughout the construction and closeout phases, we ensure that our client and the community are highly satisfied.

The challenge is working on tight, occupied school sites in densely populated urban neighborhoods. Our solution is close coordination with faculty, staff, neighbors and parent groups.

…One of the keys to Vanir’s success was, and continues to be, their on-site personnel…who understand the technical aspects of design and construction yet have an effective ability to effectively communicate…

– Maureen Shelton, Director of Construction, Bond Programs, SFUSD


2012 CMAA Northern California – Honorable Mention, Modernization, Less Than $10 Million (Dr. William Cobb Elementary School) | 2015 Western Council of Construction Consumers – Distinguished Project, New Buildings (Peabody Elementary School)

San Francisco, California
San Francisco Unified School District




Square Footage
2,876,076 SF
Program Budget
$2.2 Billion
Start Date
Completion Date