Los Angeles Police Administration Building

Project overview

As the project/construction manager for the new City of Los Angeles Police Administration Building, Vanir led a highly collaborative process that involved many entities. The secure facility spans a full city block in downtown Los Angeles, with a main ten-story building occupying 500,000 square feet. There are two levels of subterranean parking, several mechanical and communication rooftop penthouses, and a helicopter landing platform. The site includes a 450-seat auditorium with theater seating, a 250-seat public restaurant, a one-acre park and a police memorial.

The project is located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles with limited space for laydown. Vanir worked with the contractor to develop a just-in-time delivery schedule that reduced the amount of space needed for on-site material storage. The building continues as one of the iconic structures in modern Los Angeles.

Exceeding sustainability goals

This project was originally planned to achieve a LEED Silver certification. We worked with the City to fund additional sustainability measures and everyone involved made a commitment to reach beyond the stated objective. Due to these efforts, the project received a LEED Gold designation.



LEED Gold Certified | 2010 Southern California CMAA Chapter Award | 2010 Western Council of Construction Consumers Notable Award | 2009 AIA/LA Building Team of the Year Award

Los Angeles, California
City of Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering


Roth + Sheppard Associates


Tutor Saliba Corporation

Square Footage
500,000 SF
Construction Cost
$246 Million
Start Date
Completion Date