Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Facilities Planning Bureau

Program overview

From 2003 through 2020, Vanir was integrated with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s (LASD) program, project, construction, leasing and finance groups. Our team worked seamlessly with LASD staff at more than 50 locations, providing construction management services for projects at county facilities, sheriff stations and detention facilities.

During this time, LASD looked to Vanir for expertise in program oversight and construction—managing scope, schedule and budget. We delivered a number of support services (needs assessments, cost estimates, constructability reviews and document controls), assisted with code compliance and provided planning and design services for offices.

Delivering customized databases for optimal results

Vanir created and customized multiple databases to address LASD’s project needs, including a project management database to track status; a fiscal database to monitor cost and a furniture, fixtures and equipment database to record furniture inventory and assist department planners in reusing recycled furniture; and a facility leasing database to follow progress. These comprehensive databases have been effective in streamlining the program and utilized as LASD’s core system since our team came on board.

Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department




Square Footage
180,000 SF
Construction Cost
$65 Million
Start Date
Completion Date