Los Angeles County Jail Plan

Project overview

The County of Los Angeles selected Vanir to provide a jail master plan, assessing the current state of its jail system, forecasting needs, developing options and determining the cost and schedule for the improvements. Central to this master plan was the development of a 4,800-bed Consolidated Correctional Treatment Facility (CCTF) for inmates with medical and mental health issues. We worked with numerous County departments, stakeholder groups and specialized consultants, applying knowledge in custody management and state-of-the-art treatment programs.

Defining Correctional Healthcare

The priority for corrections in recent years has moved from incarceration to healthcare, programs and anti-recidivism. Vanir’s approach to the jail plan focused on treatment while maintaining necessary security. A key aspect of the plan was minimized circulation and common-sense adjacencies. By eliminating corridors and wasted space, we create efficient space that emphasizes function at reduced construction cost.

A key component of the jail plan is phased construction, allowing the use of the facility as swing space prior to demolition of a portion of the existing central area. Los Angeles County is working through budget considerations and scope. The Vanir jail plan for the new Los Angeles County Correctional Treatment Facility will serve as the guideline for a state-of-the-art facility, providing mental health and medical treatment, and ultimately reducing inmate return to custody.

Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors
Square Footage
2,750,000 SF
Construction Cost
$1.74 Billion
Completion Date