Judicial Council of California, Program Management

Program overview

Vanir supports the Judicial Council of California (JCC) by providing program management services for its Judicial Branch Capital Program. Working alongside JCC staff members (including risk, quality, and safety management staff) as well as the design team, we act as JCC’s representative for the Capital Program and oversee the planning, design, and construction of all court facilities, statewide. Our team is responsible for developing and maintaining a program database that evaluates and monitors the status of each component of the capital program. We are also providing a benchmarking analysis to develop a cost model for a standard courthouse.

A trusted partner

JCC needed an experienced and dependable partner to identify scope elements in its program to update, standardize, and enhance the credibility of its deliverables. With expertise in establishing and guiding capital outlay programs, our team was ideal for the job. We are currently using Best Practices to optimize JCC’s program controls, systems, and policies and procedures—establishing the most effective way to execute each project’s delivery. The goal is to meet success criteria and achieve consistency across the JCC Capital Program.




Judicial Council of California

Design Team




Construction Cost

Program Budget
$3 billion
Individual Projects: $26-$555 million




The planning, design, and construction of court facilities, statewide.