El Dorado County South Lake Tahoe Juvenile Treatment Center

Project overview

Vanir provided project and construction management services for El Dorado County, leading to the successful delivery of the new South Lake Tahoe Juvenile Treatment Center. Serving the eastern region of El Dorado County, this 40-bed facility is used for juvenile treatment and commitment programs providing secure accommodations and services to the area.

The facility was designed to meet the stringent architectural and environmental constraints of Lake Tahoe regional approval agencies. Vanir’s design phase management included a thorough environmental review, adhering to the guidelines set forth by the National Environmental Policy Act and California Environmental Quality Act, along with the policies of the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency. This ensured all environmental protection criteria was implemented.

Delivered ahead of schedule and on budget

Vanir developed strong client satisfaction and team success by implementing a “partnering” approach. On-site construction activities were restricted to a May 1 to October 15 period each year, while wildlife regulations, specifically concerning raptor nesting, limited tree removal to non-nesting months from September to March. As a result, site construction for this project was constrained to six weeks.

Vanir successfully proposed that tree removal occur during non-nesting season when the site was snow-covered, eliminating nesting habitat while leaving tree stumps for removal during the approved ground-disturbing season. This allowed construction to start in May, ensuring the completion of the building enclosure before the next snow season. As a result, we delivered the project two months ahead of schedule.

South Lake Tahoe, California
El Dorado County

TRG LRS Justice


United Construction Company

Square Footage
26,200 SF
Construction Cost
$6.3 Million
Start Date
Completion Date