Dillard University – Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Drainage Project

Project overview

The Vanir team provided professional project and grant management services in support of the planning, design and completion of Dillard University’s Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Drainage Project. The campus experienced historic flooding that damaged buildings as well as disrupted daily classes, prevented entry/exit at Gentilly Boulevard and caused closures of University operations.

The main cause of the flooding was due to the existing bowl-shaped topography of the campus and its insufficient drainage infrastructure, which has been negatively impacted by subsidence from excessive stormwater ponding.

Overall system improvements consisted of upgrading and realigning the existing collector storm pipes into a network of nine subsurface drainage systems. The existing concrete-lined ditch was re-sized. Three grassed swales and one large dry detention pond were built and are integral with the subsurface drainage system.

Purpose and need

Dillard University remains at a high risk of water inundation from various sources, including flooding, hurricanes, tropical storms and thunderstorms. This project reduces the loss of life and property due to natural disasters and enables mitigation measures to be implemented during the immediate recovery from an event.



CMAA Gulf Coast Chapter – 2019 Project Achievement Award, Environmental, Under $50 Million

New Orleans, Louisiana
Dillard University

Hatch (formerly Chester Engineers)


Beverly Construction

Square Footage
55 Acres
Construction Cost
$6.5 Million
Start Date
Completion Date