Dillard University – FEMA Public Assistance Grant Administration

Project overview

Vanir has assisted Dillard University in the administration of its FEMA Public Assistance Grant Program since 2011. This includes managing and closing out over 200 project worksheets (representing over $74 million in recovery costs and over $300 million in total disaster losses), formulating alternate and improved projects, packaging and tracking reimbursement requests and reconciling the University’s insurance apportionment.

When Vanir began managing the University’s Public Assistance Program, it was at risk of a $20 million deobligation due to incorrectly reconciled private insurance. We worked diligently with FEMA’s upper management in its headquarters in Washington, D.C., as well as representatives from the Louisiana Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management to eliminate this risk of deobligation in its entirety.

Vanir is currently finalizing an alternate project that involves working with FEMA to utilize funding that was designated for a destroyed facility that is no longer needed. The funding will enhance and upgrade the University’s campus-wide security features. We are also assisting the University with its COVID-19 emergency disaster response by providing public assistance policy and other disaster recovery guidance to the University’s business operations, facilities and accounting staff.

Ongoing public assistance services

We are honored to continue to serve this client—throughout our tenure, we have successfully obtained additional obligations through version requests totaling approximately $10 million.

New Orleans, Louisiana
Dillard University
Project Cost/Funding
$74 Million Disaster Recovery Costs ($300 Million Total Disaster Losses)
Start Date
Completion Date