Denver Christian School

Project overview

Situated on a 20-acre campus, Denver Christian School’s new PreK12 facility is the result of consolidating three existing campuses and transforming a telecommunication training facility. The Vanir team served as the owner’s representative on this building renovation. The fast-track project was designed and constructed in a nine-month period (consolidation scope was $10 million in five months, requiring upfront planning for move coordination and sequencing of construction activities).

The project started with asbestos abatement to make room for two academic commons areas for small group learning. Due to the age of the building, asbestos abatement was required prior to demolition and reconstruction. A 6,600-square-foot gym addition was constructed to accommodate added student capacity.

Benefits of the single-site operational model include optimizing Denver Christian School’s support services, mentoring and student-partnering programs. The new additional space allows the school to enhance its current educational programs with flexible classroom and learning spaces.

Solutions for cost savings

The contractor ran into unforeseen rock during preparation for the playground; in order to mitigate construction costs for rock removal, we directed the design team to rework the design. The decision to revise the design versus directing the contractor to remove the rock saved the owner tens of thousands of dollars in additional costs to the project.

Lakewood, Colorado
Denver Christian School

Hord Coplan Macht (Formerly SlaterPaull)


Frasen Pittman

Square Footage
48,000 SF
Construction Cost
$11.5 Million; Real Estate Procurement: $7.5 Million
Completion Date