City of Port Angeles Waterfront Transportation Improvements

Project Overview

The Vanir team provided construction management services for the City of Port Angeles, Waterfront Transportation Improvements, a three-phase project to enhance the City’s waterfront area. The project included the construction of:

  • A new esplanade and seawall along the City’s waterfront
  • Road and stormwater infrastructure improvements
  • Two pocket beaches with rock revetments, including existing creosote piling removal and cleanup
  • Pedestrian plazas and pathways with landscaping
  • Olympic Discovery Trail improvements and features
  • Pedestrian and site lighting improvements
  • Energy-producing wind turbines and electric vehicle charging station

Successful Coordination with Port Staff

The coordination with the Port of Port Angeles for access to its dock during construction and retrofitting of the waterline infrastructure was handled well by Vanir staff and proved to aid in the success of the project.

The in-water work done for excavation and construction/restoration of the new beach areas was a great challenge that proved successful also due to the coordination efforts within the project team. It required consideration and accommodations for keeping tourist traffic flowing safely through this area of heavy construction over a long period.


Port Angeles, Washington


City of Port Angeles

Design Team

Phases 1 and 3 (Esplanade and Waterfront Park): LMN Architects Phases 1-3: Zenovic & Associates Phase 2 (Beach): CGS Engineering Services

Construction Cost

$17.3 million