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City of Amarillo Capital Projects & Development Engineering

Project overview

The City of Amarillo’s Capital Projects and Development Engineering Department (CP&D Engineering) hired Vanir to examine its current processes and procedures and develop a Project Management Procedures Manual that would increase its operational effectiveness. CP&D Engineering was created in the 2015/16 fiscal year by combining the engineering functions from the Director of Utilities and Engineering departments. It is made up of professionals in the fields of surveying, drafting, geographic Information systems, project management, construction inspection, engineering and administration. It provides services for streets, utilities and drainage improvements funded through the city’s Capital Improvement Program, as well as for private development projects.

Vanir’s role included, but was not limited, to:

  • Interviewing staff to understand the current function of each professional and administrative position, and evaluating the development and training needs for each position/person.
  • Mapping departmental processes and identifying ways to improve department performance, reduce costs and deliver quality results; mapping the entire life of a project from planning through closeout.
  • Evaluating current reporting processes for internal and external communication and current public outreach; evaluating existing software and providing appropriate recommendations.

The final Project Management Procedures Manual addressed all phases of a project from planning through completion. After the Procedures Manual was developed, our team provided training for staff on new processes, procedures and project management software.

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