Vanir Pacific Northwest Wins 2020 NWCCC Distinguished Project of the Year Award

Vanir has won a 2020 Northwest Construction Consumer Council Distinguished Project of the Year Award for its work on the Alderwood Water & Wastewater District (AWWD) Picnic Point Wastewater Treatment Facility. Our Pacific Northwest team was proud to provide construction management services for the expansion of the facility, which included:

  • Replacing the existing membrane cassettes in AWWD’s membrane bioreactor (MBR) tanks
  • Implementing MBR units into the two open cells
  • Increasing the plant’s capacity by 50% to 6 million gallons per day
  • Installation of new blowers for the MBR scouring air system
  • Vent-piping revisions
  • Removing and replacing the failed tank coating system inside the MBR tanks
  • Providing NACE lll coatings inspection for all new tanks
  • Receiving all owner-furnished equipment and ensuring its availability when needed for installation

AWWD was so satisfied with the project’s progress that they decided to add the following construction and construction management services to the existing $18-million effort:

  • Replacing the screenings room washer/compactors
  • Automating the aeration basins gate controls
  • Renovating the waste-activated sludge storage tanks and air systems

These items, which were added in between project phases, resulted in an additional $2 million in construction value. Even with the added scope, the project, which achieved a 0% OSHA Incident Rate and 0 Lost Workday Cases, was completed under budget.

The plant remained operational throughout construction with a 50% increase in treatment capacity during the high-flow winter months.

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who contributed to this incredible project!