Brand Promise

Our mission, vision, credo and core values reflect our culture, guide our actions and power our performance.


We partner with clients to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions to enrich the communities we serve.


Leaders in the built environment, creating a safer, more inclusive and transformative world.


Members of the Vanir team believe that we should:

  • Enjoy our work and our fellow workers
  • Strive to get the most out of every experience, and try to do something every day to make the world a better place to live
  • Ensure that the company is satisfying our personal and professional needs
  • Treat all human beings with dignity
  • Be proud of who and what we are

– H. Frank Dominguez, Founder

Core Values

Integrity: We are committed to the highest level of ethics.
Leadership: We develop leaders who inspire others to reach beyond.
Collaboration: We build robust teams that combine expertise and ingenuity to drive success.
Innovation: We promote a culture that embraces new ideas and technologies.
Safety: We integrate safety into everything we do.
Inclusion: We embrace diversity as a source of strength, creativity and success.
Philanthropy: We strive to impact our communities in a meaningful way.
Nothing showcases this commitment more than The Dominguez Dream 501(c)(3) public nonprofit organization. Founded by our Chairwoman and CEO Dorene C. Dominguez in honor of her late father H. Frank Dominguez, the nonprofit empowers children in underserved communities and transforms their lives.