Gilbert Public Safety Complex

Excellent Management of a Complex Project

Vanir was responsible for the overall management of the design and construction of the new public safety complex. This project involved multi-users, police, fire, administration and a central plant. We facilitated consensus and developed a strong working team that functioned effectively from concept to completion.

A Successful Accelerated Schedule

We accelerated the schedule for the 911 emergency operators and police dispatch area because the police department needed to occupy it one month before the other users moved in. This required extreme coordination with the contractor, police department, Qwest 911 service department, Motorola Radio, City of Mesa, and the dispatch furniture contractor. The transition was smooth and went according to schedule with no disruption of the critical 911 service.

Communication on the Front End

Vanir’s goal to avoid formal disputes and resolve all problems at the lowest level possible was achieved. All issues were resolved at the job site level with no conflicts, disputes, protests or claims at the completion of the project. Fire Chief Collin DeWitt adds, “We have not met any problems that haven’t been easily taken care of. I think that that’s all due to the front loading and the communication that we’ve had on the front end.”

A Town Asset

This project is the crown jewel of the Town of Gilbert. There was much interest and many tours by other governmental agencies from within the state of Arizona, and also from out of state – all have complimented the Town on the great design and quality of construction. “We hired Vanir to look after the owner’s interests,” says George Pettit, Town Manager. “They did an outstanding job of doing that.”


Gilbert, AZ


Town of Gilbert

Design Team

Hoffman-Dietz Associates/PSA


D.L. Withers Construction

Construction Cost

$32 million




200,000 SF