Santa Clara Police Facilities

Vanir provided construction management services for the delivery of the City’s new police facilities.

Significant Cost Savings During Construction

Vanir’s proactive approach to anticipating issues and working closely with the contractors and architect helped avoid cost overruns during construction, saving the client in excess of $780,000.

Effective Value Engineering

During the design phase, the project was designated as an essential services facility and needed to be designed to withstand a 1 in 478 year event by code. However, the site is underlain by a thick strata of mud from the nearby bay and the cost to deal with the seismic loads became an issue. To determine the best solution, Vanir managed a Value Engineering review of the seismic system. The results led to the implementation of a viscous dampening system to handle seismic loads – a solution that not only worked, but one that also did not break the budget.



Santa Clara, CA


City of Santa Clara

Design Team

Ekona Architecture & Planning


SJM Amoroso

Construction Cost

$12.6 million




51,500 SF (main bldg.) 6,400 SF (warehouse and parking)