San Diego Unified School District

Program overview

Vanir has been working for San Diego Unified School District since 2001, when our team began providing construction management services at 24 schools under the Proposition MM Bond. Our scope of work included managing construction for one new elementary school, major modernizations of four existing campuses, and modernizations/maintenance at 20 school sites.

Following this bond, Vanir was also selected to support the District’s efforts for Propositions S and Z, which encompass a 15-year phased delivery of new projects and existing school modernizations. We provide construction management services from the bid/award phase through project close-out, including master planning, scheduling, inspection, SWPPP, and environmental services.

In January 2016, with the threat of heavy El Niño rain and runoff, Vanir took the lead in introducing a stormwater preparedness program that included multiple elements of Best Practices, avoiding a serious pollution problem and severe fines.

Exceptional management skills

” The construction management skills of the staff that Vanir has provided for me have been excellent…”

Carol Pezzopane, Lead Construction Manager (former)
San Diego Unified School District


San Diego, California


San Diego Unified School District

Design Team




Construction Cost

Prop MM: $1.51 billion
Prop S: $2.1 billion
Prop Z: $2.8 billion


Prop MM: 2008
Prop S: 2031
Prop Z: 2027


Multiple campuses,
Total SF for District is 14.9 million