North Park Elementary School

Project overview

Vanir was proud to be a part of the $1.5 million North Park Elementary School modernization project and interior redesign that took place between June and August 2017. Two months prior, on April 10, North Park Elementary School was the site of a shooting that left one teacher, one student, and the assailant dead; another student was injured.

Vanir was honored to partner with the District and the primary contractor to provide superintendent services to completely transform the school interior into a place of hope and learning, and to make necessary updates to modernize the 50-year-old facility while improving school security. Accordian walls, floor tile, and ceiling systems were removed, and each classroom was entirely rebuilt with t-bar ceilings, walls, door frames, and windows. All interior surfaces were replaced with new and updated fixtures. The team worked six days a week to meet the summer deadline and together we redefined the spaces, improved the school’s functionality and safety, and created a fresh and engaging learning space.

Providing exceptional customer service was vital to the project’s success, and all District employees, students, and their families were considered our customers. We led site tours on an almost daily basis and kept the community well informed on the progress of this very sensitive project.

A team united delivers for a community in need

” North Park Elementary School was a unique and difficult project as it contained many challenging aspects, such as time and budget. This was an exemplary example of what a team united can accomplish.”
Thomas Pace, Director of Facilities Planning and Development, SBCUSD


San Bernardino, California


San Bernardino City Unified School District

Design Team

Ruhnau Ruhnau Clarke


Caston Construction, Inc.

Construction Cost

$1.5 million




111,144 SF