Carnation Sewer Vacuum Station and Collection System

Our Services Bring Success to the City!

The City of Carnation sewer system project provided a complete vacuum sewer that transports wastewater from every building in the city to a new treatment plant. Prior to this, every facility was served by septic systems.

Our services included a constructability review, bid marketing and bid/award assistance to the city (prior to construction). During construction, we provided full construction management services, including inspection, materials testing and community relations support.

Project Overview

Vacuum Station – included construction of a sewage vacuum station that consisted of a CMU building with an approximate floor area of 1,500 SF, having an at-grade slab and a below-grade slab. Housed inside the building is a vacuum collection tank (approximately 7,500 gallons), four vacuum pumps, two sewage pumps, piping, building mechanical and electrical equipment, and other appurtenances. The project included building excavation, underground piping, miscellaneous site work, and the installation of an outdoor standby diesel electric generator.

Collection System – included construction of 56,600 LF of vacuum sewer pipe of various sizes and types, valves, valve pits and appurtenances; 12,300 LF of gravity side sewers; 4,550 LF of sewer force main; 470 LF of water mains, valves and hydrants; 310 LF of storm drains and appurtenances; 360 LF of access road improvements; and asphalt trench patch and overlay in various locations throughout the City of Carnation.

Savings Allow City to do Additional Work

Through innovative use of unit price bid items (such as asphalt paving and imported backfill), the construction management team saved the City nearly $1,000,000 during construction. These savings allowed the City to do some additional work that it had previously not been able to do because of budget concerns.


Carnation, WA


City of Carnation

Design Team

Roth Hill Engineering Partners


Buno Construction, LLC (Collection System) McClure & Sons, Inc. (Vacuum Station)

Construction Cost

$9.5 million