Adele Harrison Middle School

Sonoma Valley Unified School District was in need of several changes. Many facilities were aging, with elementary schools originally built between 1949 and 1965, and the last permanent structure built in 1973. Additionally, the district was facing significant population growth. In 1994, voters passed a $27.03 million dollar bond known as Measure B to fund the renovation and modernization of the district’s schools.

Part of the bond was used for the Adele Harrison Middle School program, which included overall program, project and construction management totaling $55 million in school modernization and new construction. The school can accommodate up to 550 students and is located in the heart of Sonoma, CA. The campus includes administration space, library, multipurpose building and play fields. The project also included street upgrades.

Accommodating Change

Design began in October 1998, but was interrupted on two occasions to revise the program from a K-8 school to a middle school. Other options for site access were considered, also resulting in a setback. The net delay to the design phase was four months. To compress the schedule, Vanir divided the project into two bid packages and employed a partnering process to ensure the school would be occupied on schedule. The strategy was a success and the school opened on-time, with classes beginning September 4, 2001.


Sonoma, CA


Sonoma Valley Unified School District

Design Team



West Coast Contractors

Construction Cost

$9.3 million


October 2001