Porterville Courthouse Debut Featured In Correctional News

An article in Correctional News features the debut of the new Porterville Courthouse. The three-story building replaces the overcrowded Porterville Government Center and the recently-closed Tulare-Pixley Courthouse. The $93 million facility is 11 times larger than the previous Porterville facility. It consists of nine courtrooms, support services, jury deliberation rooms, judges’ chambers, clerks’ offices and work areas, as well as public walk-up windows. A detainee holding area, with cells for 85 inmates was also included in the project. The building’s design focuses on an easy use, network support system that requires minimal provision and maintenance. It is one of the first in California built with a cutting-edge audiovisual system- allowing off-site supervision through a statewide communication system.

 Vanir’s very own Jerry Avalos was the Project Manager on this pursuit and his efforts made this development possible. Jerry states that, “the most viable option was to replace the courthouse because the existing one was falling apart”. Jerry’s expertise allowed this project to be feasible and efficient.

 Read the full article here. http://www.correctionalnews.com/articles/2014/03/18/porterville-courthouse-debuts-innovative-design