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Constructability Review

Vanir has nearly 30 years experience in reviewing construction documents; we know that lack of coordination and clarity causes less competitive bidding, and unnecessarily expensive change orders. Good "clean" documents will avoid these problems and a detailed plan review is the essential step toward good documents.

Our constructability review process will save you construction dollars that are an average of seven times what the review cost would be. A typical new elementary school will generate 1000-1200 review comments (based on a set of 90 percent complete construction documents). Unfortunately, the comments are not always reflected in the final documents, and when the change orders occur, they can be traced back to the review comments that were not implemented. The money that could have been saved is always more than the money spent to review the documents. 100 change order items at even as little as $1,000 each would equate to $100,000 cost increase. Plan review fees range from $10 to $30,000.

In addition, our patented online constructability program provides real-time communication, providing a collaborative tool that enables architects to quickly respond to any necessary changes. This in turn saves time and money in the design phase.

To get a preview of the process, go to Use "" as the email address. Enter "demonstration" as the password and then click "login". Select an existing project to view and click on "summary" at the top of the page.