Grand Reopening: Stanley Mosk Library And Courts Building

The Stanley Mosk Library and Courts Building has reopened it's doors commemorating the newly restored building. The 1928 structure is a registered state landmark and one of the most historically significant government buildings in California. Vanir provided project and construction management services to the State of California and the Department of General Services, Real Estate Services to complete the renovation to this building. The Vanir team worked hard protecting the many art and architectural treasures in this historic building.

The renovation consisted of fire and life safety upgrades, infrastructure improvements, and rehabilitation of historical architectural elements. Interior upgrades included restoration of historic elevators, enhancement of security systems, and improvements to accessibility. Architectural elements including ceilings, floors, light fixtures and expansive murals were cleaned, repaired, and restored.The $36 million project was completed $14 million under its approved construction phase budget. Vanir was honored to have been a part of this historically significant project.

Click here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8c1H3LO4mg to view a short synopsis video of the history of the Stanley Mosk Library and Courts Building and the role Vanir had in its success.