San Quentin Central Health Services Building (CHSB)
San Quentin, CA

Project Overview

Located in the heart of the fully functional, San Quentin State Prison, the Central Health Services Building (CHSB) is a five-story, 135,000 gross square foot correctional health care facility capable of providing medical, dental and mental health care services; including outpatient clinical services, specialty clinical services, radiology, dialysis, inpatient (licensed Correctional Treatment Center or CTC) and outpatient housing care, emergency trauma care, a pharmacy, and the housing of medical records. The CHSB project also houses Receiving and Release for the processing of inmates from northern California Counties into the State system and the prison library. The original building, Building 22, was vacated due to seismic deficiencies.

Preserving History

The Central Health Services Building was to be constructed on the site of the State’s oldest correctional structure. As such, the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) advocated for preserving as much of the building as possible in the construction of CHSB. After careful review, it was determined that the original ‘dungeon’ built in the 1850s and the original hospital façade constructed in the 1880s could be preserved.

The combination of documentation, preservation and design character of the new building blended seamlessly with the historic fabric, while maintaining a modern character.

Completion ahead of schedule and below budget

In addition to serving as the construction manager, Vanir acted as the criteria architect, providing the framework for essential design parameters. The project established a very aggressive time frame of three years and six months to complete this large and complex project from conception to full occupancy. The schedule was very aggressive due to the nature of the building – an active hospital and prison.

In spite of such an aggressive schedule, the project was completed three months ahead of schedule and $10 million under budget.

California Prison Health Care Services
HOK Architects
Vanir Construction Management, Inc.
  • Architect:
    HOK Architects
  • Contractor:
    Hensel Phelps Construction Company
$136 million
November 20, 2009
  • Northern CA CMAA Chapter Award
  • AIA Merit Award
  • AGC of California Constructor Awards
  • Western Council of Construction Consumers (WCCC) Chairman's Award

Last change: 05/05/2010