Metropolitan State Hospital
Norwalk, CA

Project Overview

Metropolitan State Hospital is an acute licensed psychiatric hospital serving adult patients from Los Angeles and Orange Counties and the neighboring southland communities of California. The hospital’s original kitchen was built in 1950 and could no longer keep up with demand, requiring the development of a new kitchen. The new 27,000 square foot kitchen houses the Department of Nutrition Services Administration staff, food preparation, and food storage areas.

Producing up to 5,000 Meals a Day

Using a cook-chill method and unique, automated kitchen equipment, the kitchen can produce up to 5,000 meals per day and food can be cooked in bulk, flash frozen and stored for up to 30 days. Food delivery carts keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold all on the same, computer-controlled trays. The kitchen is grand in scale using items such as a 22-foot dishwasher, drive-thru refrigerator, and two ovens each capable of holding 48 full-sized commercial baking sheets.

Cooking with the Environment in Mind

The kitchen is one of the first cook-chill facilities to earn LEED Gold certification and the only one of its kind in the state of California. The LEED Gold distinction is a reflection of the commitment by the California Department of Mental Health, Metro State Hospital and the Department of General Services to serve the needs of the hospital community while employing environmentally sustainable building practices. Vanir assisted the Department of General Services in commissioning environmentally sound practices, including:

  • Reduction of water use by 30 percent in all non-food production areas
  • Reduction of CFCs in HVAC system with the use of environmentally-safe refrigerants
  • Optimized energy performance for maximum efficiency with the lowest energy usage
  • Elimination of harmful gases released into the atmosphere
  • Storage and collection of recyclables
  • Recycled and low-emission building materials
  • Optimized use of daylight, with 87 percent of the workspace lit without the use of artificial light
  • Energy efficient kitchen equipment to conserve water and electricity
  • Use of green cleaning products which meet health code requirements, while meeting the facility’s operational budget
State of California, Department of Mental Health
DJM Construction
$25 million
October 9, 2009

Last change: 09/10/2010