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We are committed to quality service

At Vanir, the quality of our services is wholly focused on our clients’ satisfaction.  We understand that in order to meet their needs, we must first understand their goals and then ensure that our people and our processes are in line with those goals. We appreciate the fact that our success is fully dependent our clients’ success and the success of their projects.

The world is forever changing and so are our clients’ expectations. We recognize the need to continually improve the quality of our services.  We have a well-established ‘Total Quality Services’ (TQS) program which helps us align our processes in order to provide quality to our customers, both internal and external.

We also believe in knowledge sharing across the company.  We use technology to connect our people to each other so that everyone has access to the wisdom and expertise of the entire staff.  We also invest in our people through a well developed program, believing that a well trained, knowledgeable and motivated workforce is the key to providing quality services to our clients.  

Last change: 04/15/2010